Lift 6: Lake Access At Last

Model: 4-Person
Track: 215' at 45°
Year: 2004

Prior to the installation of this lift the owners had never been to their lakefront. Not even once. Now, a trip between the water and the cottage, about 170 feet of vertical rise, takes four peaceful minutes and offers a spectacular view of the forest, cliff, and lake.

Although the middle 160 feet are about 20 feet off the ground, the structure is so steady that even people with a fear of heights quickly find themselves feeling safe and at ease. The lift is also safe to use in the winter for snowmobile, cross country skiing, and ice fishing.

This was our first lift built with our proprietary track mounted hoist we called "The Installator. John conceived of it in 2003 and designed and built it for this lift. We built the top 30 feet of track in the normal way and then installed the motor, gearbox, winch, control system, and Installator. We built the rest of the track in 20-foot sections on top of the first 30 feet, using the Installator to carry them to end of the track where we lowered it into position and then added the legs and multiple triangular cross braces. There is no way we could have built this without the hoist.

Prior to this, we had always built track from the bottom to the top, which is standard practice. The Installator enabled this more-efficient top-down approach, now our standard practice

After the lift was in, the property sold. The new owners said:

“We would not have bought this property without the lift because it makes it possible to get to the water. Stairs just would not have worked for us.”