Lift 79: 180', 2-Pitch, 27° angle change, 11° to 38°, Moderately High, Spectacular, Videos

Model: 4-Person (750-pound capacity)
Track: 2-Pitch, 180' long, with 45' at 11°, 10' in the curve, and 115' at 38° for an 83' 6" rise
Year: 2017

The owners of this cottage needed a lift to include everyone in boathouse activities, even people who can't handle their 8+ stories of stairs and pathways between the cottage and the waterfront. We worked with the owners, their general contractor Paul Barber, P.Eng., of Infinity Fine Homes, and their landscape architect, Helen Batten, M.L.Arch., of Basterfield and Associates Inc to design the lift and set the track line.

We really need to upgrade the phots but some of our best videos is below.


The upper station is ready for Infinity Fine Homes to remove the pea gravel, build up the rock wall, add fill, and build the upper station platform. The lift will be easy to access from the parking area and great for getting people and things to and from the water.

11° is the most gentle pitch we’ve ever done and 27° is the longest piece of curved track we’ve ever used. Lots to think about before making it real.

The motor and winch are in the housing at the top of the track. The lift control panel is mounted to the back side of a shed about 30’ up the hill.

The new lift owner and some of her family going for a ride. The interplay between the car, dolly, track and "pipe" track keeps the car level throughout the curve and all the power for the transition is provided by the hoist motor/winch assembly. It's fiendishly simple.

The following photos and stories are from the construction phase:


Cody, Chris, Lou and Wyatt celebrating the completion of the curved section of track. To create the needed 2738° change in pitch we needed 10' of curved track. Although this is the longest curved section we've needed to date the lift worked perfectly, even with the long dolly on the installation hoist.


The installation hoist is on the track and loaded with a new 400 lbs. 20' long track section.

A 20’ section of track going over the curve and down the lower steep pitch.


The installation hoist with 20' of track moving it into position below the curve.