Lift 7: Discreetly Located

Model: 4-Person
Track: 75' at 46°
Year: 2004

The owner of this lift wanted to keep it as hidden as possible from the cottage and the lake and we needed to save the trees at the lower end of the run. We found a discrete run but it was steep and extremely tight at the bottom end.

This was the first lift we built that uses a variable speed 3-phase motor that runs off a standard single phase 220-volt circuit.


The owner had his carpenter build this beautiful, almost magical, upper station access platform that integrates with a bridge that spans the gully the track flows down as it connects two buildings.

At the time, this was the steepest track I’d built. The natural groove was likely eroded over time by water and ice.


In the winter this north facing slope weeps water that becomes ice and flows around the track. The track hasn’t moved since it was built in 2004. The geometrically rigid track-leg design, bedrock bolts, and the black paint, all play their role in keeping the track solid over time.


The car fits beautifully into the landing with minimal room to spare around it. The station access used to be a walkway that extended about 8’ beyond it’s current length, we just trimmed it, shored it up underneath, and landed the car here. Not taking out the 2 cedars at the end of the run was a non-negotiable condition. The stairs running off to the right were there when we arrived on site. All in all, a most amazing station.