We are truly fortunate to have many satisfied customers. The comments below were collected by a third party and are unabridged. Many of our customers have agreed to talk to prospective buyers. We provide those references once you begin the buying process.

In 2011, Homes & Cottages magazine profiled one of our more ambitious projects, a 260-foot lift that dramatically improved life at the cottage for Alan and Diane Way. Instrumental to the construction was Trackosaurus Rex, a proprietary method invented by John Weinstein for building faster and at lower cost on arduous slopes.

To download the article, click here.

In 2019, The Haliburton Highlander published an article by Joseph Quigley on Lift 86, our 346’ longest lift to date and first 3-pitch lift, which we built on Drag Lake in Dysart et. al.

“It’s really made it much easier for us. It means I can go to the cottage.”

“You have to look into the future, it’s okay when you’re 45 to carry things, but as you get older and your knees and your hips go, it means you can use the cottage longer.” 

“I often go (to the cottage) by myself. Now I know I am going to be able to manage alone.”

Jane Mottershead
Cottage: Bella Lake
Installed: 2008

 "It has dramatically increased the marketability of my property."

“We got to a point where we seldom went down to the lake, because it was just too much of an effort. We went from going maybe once a weekend to having free access to the lake.”

“At the time we had an elderly dog, and he had the same issue. We had difficulty getting him into the cottage. We had to lift him, and it was an indignity for him. He learned he could ride this thing after a couple of times and it improved the quality of his life as well.”

“I think, quite frankly, as an investment, it has dramatically increased the marketability of my property. Not that I am planning to sell any time soon.”

“Not only is the engineering — the machine itself— a great investment, but John particularly, does a great job. He’s a great engineer, he’s got great service, great after service, he’s great at what he does.”

Todd Smith
Cottage: Windermere
Installed: 2008

"It’s improved my experience immensely."

“I wouldn’t be there without it.”

“It’s made it so much easier for arriving with my shopping and luggage, it’s just an absolute boon. I love it.” 

“I would say, if there’s a need for it, you must have it, because it makes all the difference.”

“If I have any problem whatsoever — and there haven’t been many— John is right there, he’s accessible. I can reach him by phone if I need to, he’s just a really smart business man.”

“It made the property.”

“We have access to the lake with no trouble at all. It makes the dock like another room in the house.”

“I think the thing to do is keep an open mind when you’re looking at properties. We’re 75 feet off the water facing west, we have a view that is just unparalleled, but we wouldn’t have bought it without access to the water itself. So, keep in mind when you see a property like ours, there are possibilities there.”

James MacDonald
Cottage: Moore Lake
Installed: 2009

“The inclinator that John built made that property usable.”

“It’s made the property feasible. It’s an island property. It has a very difficult approach. Given that type of property a lift is crucial.”

“I think of it as an enabler. Not only for day-to-day use, but the building of the cottage. The inclinator was designed to have enough load capacity to build as well. It was quite a unique design John did.”

“John is very creative, he’s easy to work with, and his crew is very skillful, adaptable and able to make decisions on sight.”

“As you look at the availability of waterfront property in the Muskokas, it’s becoming less and less available. What is left are properties like this. The inclinator that John built made that property usable.”

“John is great to work with. He’s creative, he’s able to do custom work (and by the nature of the beast, it is very custom) he’s uniquely qualified.”

Mario Montana
Cottage: Beacon Island
Installed: 2012

 “It performs perfectly.”

“It makes access to the water no problem at all.”

“I think you shouldn’t shy away from buying property that might require this sort of unit. By putting them in it makes access to the water simple, it makes it so much easier to get there without any concerns.”

 “It performs perfectly.”

“John is a great guy to deal with, he does a fantastic job, his team does a fantastic job, and it’s well worth the investment.”

Alex Magditsch
Cottage: Lake Joseph 
Installed: 2012

“The installation was second to none.”

“We almost never got down to the lake until we got the lift. Now we’re down there all the time.”

“I think it’s added a lot of value to the cottage and opened it up to a lot of people who may be possible purchasers, if I ever decided to sell.”

“If getting to the lake is a problem, I think it’s a no brainer. For our place, it wouldn’t be nearly as useful, or valuable, or as much fun without it.” 

“The installation was second to none. They were extremely professional, came when they said they would, installed it in time, and afterward the cooperation, communication and availability was there as well.”

“It makes the cottage. In our case the view is spectacular but getting down to swim or boat was very challenging. No I can get up in the morning, take a coffee and go down to the lake. We even use the lake in the winter time now!”

Terry Knox
Cottage: Three Mile Lake
Installed: 2008

“It has transformed the property.”

“We just step off our lawn onto the lift, and down to the water. So the height, instead of being an encumbrance, is a benefit, because we still get the spectacular view, with the water access.”

“The way John incorporated the lift into the hillside was as unobtrusive as possible. You barely notice it from the water, and he took great care harmonizing it with its surroundings.” 

“It’s convenient, it’s reliable, and it will enhance your waterfront experience.” 

“The lift takes care of all the obstacles. It means that anyone can go to the water any time.”

“It was a very beautiful property, but it wasn’t for everyone. Now it is.” 

Ian Rhodes
Cottage: Lake Rosseau
Installed: 2012

“It’s brilliant.”

“It’s a lot of work carrying material and supplies up, and in conjunction with a health scare I had, we looked into a lift. It’s made a huge difference. We unload our boat at the bottom, the stuff goes up in the lift, and into the cottage. It’s brilliant.”

“It has definitely made it more accessible. I’m 66, and we have a number of friends the same age and a little older. For many people coming to our island, which is a bit rugged, it can be a challenge. We have some friends with mobility issues and in past year they were sometimes hesitant to come for dinner or something, lately it’s been so much easier.”

“Looking at the confidence and ease it brings for a middle aged and older person, to be able to use the cottage, it’s a considerable investment, but it’s a very good one.” 

“It makes it easier to throw stuff in the boat knowing when you get there you can just pop it on the lift, press that lovely button, and away you go.” 

Michael Nolan
Cottage: Stoney Lake
Installed: 2013

“We will see full return if we ever decide to sell.”

“Installing the lift has made it much easier to access the boathouse and the water, and therefore enabled us to feel more connected to the lake. We make use of our waterfront much more now that we have a lift. And the best thing, if we forget to bring something down, taking the lift up is much easier than walking up 175 stairs!”

“Installing the lift has dramatically widened the demographic of people likely to purchase the cottage. Now people with small children would consider it, as would people with elderly relatives, and even people who just don't enjoy waking up and down stairs to get to the waterfront would consider this purchase. 

“We always viewed it as an investment in our property; one which we will see full return if we ever decide to sell.”

David Lotan & Danielle Hughes
Cottage: Lake of Bays, Trading Bay


"The only mistake we made was not putting the lift in years ago."

"During the past 10 years we have made many changes to our cottage (an ongoing labour of love) and one of the best things we have done is install the lift. It makes life on the island so much easier. We are pleased with all aspects of our lift and commend you on an entirely excellent job. The only mistake we made was not putting the lift in years ago." 

"You far exceeded our expectations."

"We feel the installation process was as professional as it could be. In fact, it was more professional than we believed possible. Your attention to detail was outstanding and our property was treated with great respect. You and your crew run a very professional operation. You far exceeded our expectations. Our lift was completed this Thanksgiving weekend and we are so delighted that we have been to the lake more times since that long weekend (one month ago) than we had in the previous two years of owning the cottage."

"We would recommend John Weinstein of Inclined Elevation anytime."

"Inclined Elevation is to recommended for their thorough workmanship, excellent communication, and after-market service. We are more than pleased with the end result. We would recommend John Weinstein of Inclined Elevation anytime."

"They delivered exactly what they promised..."

"They delivered exactly what they promised, a perfectly positioned, neat, clean, robust track that exudes strength, safety features that set the mind at ease, and a smooth ride that inspires complete confidence."

"Stairs just would not have worked for us."

"We would not have bought this property without the lift because it makes it possible to get to the water. Stairs just would not have worked for us."

"I just love it!"

"I just love it! I have spent more time at the water this year because of the lift than in the past ten years. With the lift I am able to go back and forth so easily I can go to the water for just a short time if I want and be back to the cottage in less than two minutes.

“Best Outdoor Lift Design & Construction Company - Eastern Canada - 2019”, Construction & Engineering Award, BUILD Magazine.