Lift 81: 80', 65°, Short, Steep, Spectacular, The Top of the Cliff Lift

Lift 81: Top of the Cliff Lift

Model: 4-Person (750-pound capacity)
Track: 80' long at 65°
Year: 2018

Before we built this lift the owners of this beautiful cottage needed to get on a 4x4 gator and drive for 5 minutes to a dock to get on their boat to motor to their floating dock. Now they need to take a 1 minute walk and a 1 minute inclined elevator ride.

This was our second build of 2018, our steepest lift ever (by 8°), and our most challenging lift to date, surpassing the previous record holder, Lift 80, in both categories.


We spent the first day of the build reviewing our climbing techniques with Dave Humphreys of Elevation Aerial, first in a really great classroom setting, and then on the hill.


After the theory, the practical. From left to right, Chris, Wyatt, and Dave. We followed a very natural run in the rock that became the track-line. A crew from Premier Docks of Parry Sound, had cleared some of the loose rock off the cliff face before we started.


Chris checking out the completed upper station gate platform. After we finished the lift Premier Docks did a great job of building the upper station platform, railings and gate and integrating both the button box and the gate interlock. All the hoist hardware is enclosed in the housing attached to the track.


Looking down the track to the dock can be an exhilarating experience. The lift and the ride are rock solid. Premier Docks did another great job re-positioning the floating dock so it meets the lift perfectly.


Premier Docks also built an adjustable landing platform, it can be 3, 2, 1, or no steps to allow for changing water levels. The lower button box is welded to the track itself so it does not move in relation to the car.


An absolutely spectacular lift that the owners call this The Top of the Cliff Lift.


A quick drone flight caught the car in the top station. Without the Inclined Elevation sign cable-tied to the car, the lift would be hard to see.

A virtual ride.