Lift 82: 100', 22°, Near ground, Landscaped Upper Station, Non-cantilevered Car

Model: 4-Person (750-pound capacity)
Track: 100' long at 22°
Year: 2018

The owners of this lift couldn’t get to their waterfront as much as they wanted too decided to build the lift to make it easy to reconnect with the water.


We worked with the owner selecting the track line to minimize the visual and physical impact of the lift, especially the top end station. The hoisting machinery, the brake-motor, gearbox, and winch drum, are all housed under the motor cover at the top end of the track and makes surprisingly little noise. The panel controlling the lift is tucked out of site behind a utility shed and is connected to the lift by two completely buried Tech cables, one for the motor and the other for the low voltage lift control wiring.

The owner did a beautiful job on all of the carpentry on the car and both station platforms. He even integrated our prewired control plate directly into the railing post.


Looking down from the car to the lower station., In order to minimize the intrusion of the lift into the upper garden we mounted the car over dolly. This configuration requires a landing platform at the lower end. The owner also designed and built this platform.


Looking up the track.


The car at the lower station platform.