Lift 82: 100', 22°, Near ground, Landscaped Upper Station, Non-cantilevered Car

Model: 4-Person (750-pound capacity)
Track: 100' long at 22°
Year: 2018


The owner of this cottage built this gorgeous staircase himself.

But, because it was getting harder and harder every year to climb up and down, they were spending less and less time at the water.

They really got the lift to spend time on their boat.


We set both station locations to minimize the visual and physical impact of the lift, especially with the top end station.

The hoisting machinery is housed under the motor cover at the top end of the track and makes very little noise, a concern for the owner.

The lift control panel is hidden behind a utility shed and is connected to the lift by two buried Teck cables, one to the motor and the other for the low voltage control wiring.

The owner did a beautiful job with the carpentry on all the wood you see here. He also integrated rewired the lift control button plate directly into the railing post.



Looking up the track. It’s pretty clear from the light level in these photos that the track ran through a part of the yard these cottagers never used.

Before we arrived the owner moved some of the rock to prevent later damage to the lift.


In order to minimize the intrusion of the lift into the upper garden we mounted the car over dolly. This configuration raises the car at the lower end and requires a landing platform there.


The owner built this super simple lower station platform and  incorporated the pre-wired button box post we had left.

The platform was so close to the ground that no railings were needed.

No permits were needed for the platforms.