Lift 80: 62', 56°, Short, Steep, and Spectacular

Model: 4-Person (750-pound capacity)
Track: 62' long at 56°, or a 50' rise
Year: 2018

This spectacular lift has turned a challenging 15 minute walk from the chateau to the water into an easy 60 second ride and will enable its’ owners to keep enjoying their beautiful setting indefinitely.

This was our first lift of 2018, our third in Quebec, and our most challenging lift to date. We had a 60° slab of slate to build on and had to epoxy nearly 20 36" long, 3/4" diameter, hardened steel threaded rods into the rock. For the first time since building Lift 5 in 2004, we built the track from the bottom up rather than the top down to deal with the special challenges of this site.

The result is a spectacular lift that the locals called the Stairway to Heaven.


The owner wanted to keep the lift as low as possible so it would not interfere with the view from the Spa, which is on the other side of the chairs.


The local contractors did a beautiful job of building the upper station platform and landscaping the approach.


Looking down the track. The photo doesn't do the lift justice. It takes a few moments to get comfortable with the angle.


Looking up at the car halfway up the track. The angle formed by the track and the car floor give a sense of the steepness.


The car tucks in nicely at the bottom, completely out of the way and still nearby. There’s a PARK button. The owner added a safety railing on the far side to deal with a pinch point approaching the upper station.

A ride up the lift.