Lift 74: 2-Pitch, 40', 32° to 113', 37° Spectacular, High off the Ground.

Model: 4-Person (750-pound capacity).
Track: 2-Pitch and 155' long, 40' at 32° and 113' at 37°
Year: 2017

Without the lift the trip from the boathouse to the cottage was a daunting 9 story climb. Now it's a relaxing 2 minute ride that runs from a ground level upper station to the dock . Imagine how would change your cottage experiences.


The upper station was tucked neatly into an unused corner of the cottage. After the track went in Lovegrove Construction built this access platform and we integrated the button boxes into the deck railing. This is the 3rd lift we've designed and built with Lovegrove Construction and it's always a pleasure.


The lower 113' of track were so high off the ground we needed out "installation hoist" to carry the new 20' sections to the end of the track. Lou's checking the hoist before sending it down the track.


A view down the finished track. We once sat a full wine glass on this outside corner and run the car up and down without any issues.


The lower station connects to a previously unused corner of the boathouse deck. Again the craftsmen at Lovegrove designed and modified the deck and added the railing. Afterwards we integrated the control buttons into the railing.


It's difficult to get the scale of the lift in a photo but this shows the track from the lower station to the curve leading to the cottage.

During the build we lost a couple of days because a windstorm went through, bringing down some trees but sparing the track.