Lift 73: 90', 32° Off a 12' Retaining Wall

Model: 4-Person (750-pound capacity).
Track: 90' at 32°
Year: 2017

These new lift owners bought their lift for their retirement years, giving the total access to their waterfront well into the future.


This was a tricky build, the top end of the first 20' section was on the top of a 10' high retaining wall and the bottom end was about 10' off the ground.. We needed to use our gantry crane to make building this lift possible. Here we we see the first section in and the second section up. Each 20' section of track weighs almost 500lbs.


The upper station from the "off" side showing the top of the retaining wall and the water down below.

Wyatt and Cody are using the lift to build the lift. We like to use the lift as mush as possible uring the building phase to make the job easier and to test the machinery.


The lift is done and waiting for the access deck with railings and gate to be completed. We'll interlock the gate when this is done.