Lift 85: 47', 43°, Short, Steep, Tucked in tight.

Model: 4-Person (750-pound capacity)
Track: 47' long at 43°
Year: 2018

The new owners of this property needed the lift to access their floating boathouse, the existing stairs and platform were too tricky and too hard on their knees.

The floor of the car in the upper station is level with the rear deck, the weathered wood that can just be seen in the lower right corner of the photo.

Stu Charity Construction built the platform with railings and a self closing self latching gate that is interlocked with the lift. The lift is off to one side, not in front of the cottage, both hidden and handy.


The car in the upper station. The lift machinery, including the winch and panel, is all protected by the cedar panel housing at the top. The front panel lifts out for an easy annual testing and servicin, the others are held by machine screws to the angle iron frame.


Looking down the track to the floating dock before the lower station was built. We trimmed the gate so the car can travel up and down, even in it’s fully opened position, without harming the gate.


The lake level goes up and down by nearly 6’ so Stu had us set the car just above the nominal high water mark. Then his crew added a new lower access platform connecting the lift to the staircase and to the floating dock together. Y it’s brilliant.

Notice that the track’s visual and environmental footprint is way lower than stairs. It has the added bonus of enabling everyone to travel back and forth between the cottage and the water, no-one is left stuck in the cottage.