Lift 85: 47' at 43°, Getting to the Boathouse

Model: 4-Person (750-pound capacity)
Track: 47' long at 43°
Year: 2018

The new owners of this property needed the lift to access their floating boathouse, the existing stairs and platform were too tricky and too hard on their knees.


The upper station is level with the deck you can see in the near right corner of the picture. Stu Charity Construction will connect the deck to the lift with a platform.


A close up view of the car at rest at upper station height. The lift machinery, including the winch nd panel, is located in the housing at the top.


Looking down the track to the floating dock.


The lake level goes up and down by nearly 6’ so we set the car floor above the high water mark. Stu Charity Construction will build a lower platform with a ramp to the dock. They will incorporate button box post into that landing.