Lift 84: 105', 20°, Long, Gentle, and Close to the Rock.

Lift 84: 105' at 20°, Getting to the Boathouse

Model: 4-Person (750-pound capacity)
Track: 100' long at 20°
Year: 2018

The owners of this lift live at their cottage year-round and found they were spending less and less time in the boathouse and on the water. The lift turns trips to the boathouse into moments to rest and enjoy their view of Muskoka.

We spent a long time laying out this lift with the owner and rejected quite a few possible routes before latching onto this one. The owner was delighted. We were too. It’s so much easier to move a lift before you build it than afterwards.


The owners built a simple access platform. The height of the upper station is level with the back porch so they can build a single level ramp from the back door to the lift later, if required. They needed to access the car from one side at the top and the other at the bottom, so this is one of our few lifts with a 2-door car.


We used the natural stone step at the bottom end to act as the lower station platform. The car tucks in so sweet. We attached the button box post to a bracket we fixed to the rock and the track.

The boathouse is a level saunter away.


Looking up the track to the cottage. It’s an 80 second ride to the top.