Lift 86: 360' 3-pitch lift @ 26°, ~30°, & ~45°, It's still under construction.

Lift 86: 360' 3-pitch lift, the top section is @ 26°

Model: 4-Person (750-pound capacity)
Track: 360' long with ~200’ at ~26°, 100’ at 26°, and 60’ at ~45°
Year: 2018-2019

We started this lift about 3 years ago, working with the owner, Rodco Construction , and the municipality to get a minor variance.

Without the lift, getting to the water involved a scary 15 minute drive in a 4 x 4 vehicle on a steep, rough track. With the lift it will an idyllic 5 minute ride..

When complete this will be our longest lift to date and our first 3-pitch lift. We had to stop work on 9 November when the first snow arrived. It’s not safe to work on a snowy hill

To set the track line we took a compass reading of the line connecting the cottage and the dock they want to reach from a boat. Then we followed that compass line from the cottage down the hill to the dock. We were really fortunate, that line was a great track line, only a few small trees needed falling. We opted for building the track with 3-pitches to keep the track nearer the ground.


The top station will be the front corner of the deck.


Looking down the track. It’s a long, long, long way to the water.

The motor on this lift is about 60’ down the track. The winch needed for 360 of cable was too wide to locate it at the top of the track. The installation hoist is mounted on the track. We’ll use it to finish the track in the spring.