Lift 72: 37', 30°, Wheelschair Lift, Shoehorned into House Side Door.

Model: 2-Person (500-pound capacity).
Track: 37' at 30°
Year: 2016

In order to keep their Auntie living at home with them this couple needed a safe reliable 4 season lift and longish platform and walkway to aid and accompany her so she could travel, possibly in her wheelchair, from a side door in the house at one elevation to their driveway at a higher elevation.

The upper end needed a platform with railings and a self closing interlocked gate plus a paved path to connect it with the garage. We designed and built the platform to be wheelchair friendly and be easy to remove snow in the winter. We worked with Fowler Construction Fowler Construction who did the paving to connect the platform to thedriveway.

The lower end had to access the side door and space was very tight. We laid it out so the car tucks in beautifully and right at sill height. We built the a small triangular "platform" to fit the door sill to the car floor.

They love it, besides getting Auntie on her expeditions with ease they've found it useful for moving all sorts of necessities in and out.