Lift 71: 104', 27° Moderately high, from the Patio to the Beach.

Model: 4-Person (750-pound capacity).
Track: 104' at 27°
Year: 2016

Without a lift to provide lifetime access from the cottage to the water, this would not have been a viable retirement home for the purchasers. With the lift they created the perfect retirement home.


The track was located so that the upper station platform could connect the lift to the hot tub deck on one side and the lake-facing side of the house on the other side yet still allow room for access to the staircase to the beach. The new deck was designed and built by Peter Reuten, of Reuten Construction.

The lower end station is tucked back into the hill far enough to leave the path that connects the staircase to the beach open. With the cantilever design the floor of the car is low enough in the bottom station for easy access to the lift without a lower platform.

This lift has an extra "PARK" button that parks the car part way up the hill, it's nearby but totally out of the way.