Lift 68: 2-Pitch 125', 29° and 38°, Near to the ground, Beautifully integrated into landscape.

Model: 4-Person 2-Pitch (750-pound capacity).
Track: 125', top 2/3 at 29° and bottom 1/3 at 38°
Year: 2016

With their Listing Agent Ross Halloran Owners decided that it made sense to have us build this 2-Pitch Lift to help sell their unique Shim-Sutcliffe designed cottage. The lift gives all prospective purchasers the ability to get to and from the water.

Once the lift went in and the owners got to ride down to the water and back they loved it, not only because they could now use the dock freely, but also because riding there and back was so much fun:

"We love our new lift and are having more time at the dock than ever before!"

And yes, because of the lift they sold their property in 2018.

We located the track so that the car goes between some existing trees as it drops down to stop level with the dock. At the top end it sits discretely off the side of the kitchen porch. Connecting these two stations required a 2-Pitch track.

RCNC Enterprises added a new section to the upper deck to integrate the deck and lift and built the gangplank platform connects the lower lift station to the dock and to the hillside staircase that runs up to the cottage.

We fabricated the new railings and gate and fitted them in the field. The gate is interlocked with the lift.