Lift 67: 2-Pitch 200', 21° and 31°, Spectacular, High off the ground, Video

Model: 4-Person 2-Pitch (750-pound capacity).
Track: 200', top 1/3 at 21° and bottom 2/3 at 31°
Year: 2015 and 2016

The purchaser of this property needed the lift to accommodate his whole family, many who would arrive by boat. The only way to get between the boathouse and the cottage was on stairs that lead to a billy goat path that rose about 10 stories and just would not be possible for everyone.

There was no question from the onset that this lift would be spectacular: the top section was essentially on the ground but the lower section started out nearly 20' off the ground and stayed high much of the way to the lower station.

R IMG_0253.JPG

The top section was pretty tame, basically on the ground and not too steep.


The lower section started out about 18’ off the ground and tapered down to the lower landing at ground level.

It’s a long long way up the track.

This video shows the installation hoist carrying 20’ of track over the curve.

The photos don't really show how spectacular the lift and the ride are.