Lift 69: 80', 31°, Close to the ground, from the side yard to the waterfront

Model: 4-Person (750-pound capacity).
Track: 80' at 31°
Year: 2016

This lift made buying this cottage worthwhile for the extended family.


This cottage property was a multi-generational purchase and, without the lift, it simply would not have happened. The purchasers Real Estate Agent, Mark Round, recommended us and we met with all parties on site and submitted a proposal to build the lift before the offer to purchase was finalized.

We landscaped the lift in so that the upper station was level with the side yard and tucked in beside the tree, the track could run through a rough, unused hillside (where we spent several hours removing poison ivy before starting the build), and landed near the bunkie at the bottom.

The stations were built by RCNC Enterprises.

"I must thank you and your fabulous crew for a fantastic system that was build on our property, my wife and I can finally enjoy the waterfront. The workmanship and materials used are all first class and it shows a real professional installation. We will recommend your elevator to anyone interested."

"We’ve been enjoying the cottage all winter. The lift has been a God-send in the winter as well. We had to do some work at the dock lift and the stairs were extremely slippery. Thank you again! " - Ken and Randi Snow