Lift 64: 100' at 27°, Tucked into a ravine, can be extended to be a 3-station 2-pitch lift

Model: 4-Person (750-pound capacity).
Track: 100' at 27°
Year: 2015

This lift began with a call from Maggie Tomlinson, a Real Estate Agent with Chestnut Park. She had clients that were very interested in purchasing this property but they needed a lift to make it work for everyone in their family. Three hours later we had a ballpark price for Maggie. We met with her clients on site a few days after that, came up with the design and price, and they went ahead with the offer and purchase. 44 days after the first phone call the lift was complete.

The upper station is accessible from the parking area and from the cottage. A laundry room window was converted to a door and the room became a mudroom with access to the water.

Even though the owners only wanted the lift to access the boathouse roof we built it so it can be later converted to a 2-pitch lift with a third station at water level.