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Inclined Elevation, Bracebridge, Ontario, was founded in 2006 by Dr. John Weinstein. John started building lifts in 2003 and he continues to evolve the lift design and building procedures as well as custom designing and setting each lift we make. He is backed by a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to building the smartest, safest, most reliable, most durable, smoothest-running, most attractive lifts we can.


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John Weinstein, Owner/OPERATOR


John earned a PhD in theoretical particle physics in 1986 for his discovery that "bound Molecular states" of two mesons, specifically a Kaon and an anti-Kaon, exist in nature, resolving a host of 30-year-old issues in meson phenomenology. His favorite paper was on the Multi-Channel Quark Model, which explores the properties of short lived meson resonances without making the approximation that they are stable particles.

With the same problem-solving abilities, he has been evolving lift design and construction practices since 2003. In 2004 he built 9 lifts as President and co-owner of Canadian Hillside Lifts. In 2006 he founded Inclined Elevation with the goal of building strong, rigid, safe, durable, smooth-running, attractive lifts that combine state-of-the-art engineering with industrial-strength construction and a natural, discreet, understated cottage look.

In addition to his PhD, John brings a wide range of experience to the lift building business including apprentice aircraft mechanic, university professor, boat and automobile re-builder, construction site supervisor, factory machine shop supervisor, machinist, production machine designer/builder, and industrial consultant. He is a craftsman with an understanding of both the highly theoretical and the consummately practical.

John designs every lift and supervises its construction. He also sets every track, establishing the line it will take by installing the first section. 

John is exactly the kind of person you trust to build an inclined elevator for you and your loved ones at your hillside cottage or home. 



Chris Stephenson started at Inclined Elevation in 2009 and runs the lift fabrication operation in our Bracebridge shop. He builds the tracks, cars, chassis, and the all the other components required to build the lift. As seen above, Chris loves to get out in the field too. Chris has nearly 20 years experience and all types of welding certifications earned while working in building construction as a structural steel welder, production MIG welding in the automotive industry, pressure vessel pipe welding including gas pipelines, burner unit manufacturing, and much more. Chris shares John's passion for quality.

Dennis Anderson, FABRICATOR


Dennis Anderson has been building lifts with Inclined Elevation since 2010. With experience building in the field and in the shop, Dennis now spends most of his workdays in the Bracebridge shop, painting and finishing track and other lift components, as well as keeping the shop organized and the build team supplied with the right parts, materials, and tools.

The build team


The awesome team that make magic happen in the field: from left to right, James Maslen, Build Team Leader, Wyatt Larsen, Builder, and Cody Sprague, Build Team Welder. They put the same effort and care into every lift they build, whether it’s and “easy” lift or a spectacular, milestone lift that challenges them to expand their abilities.

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