Lift 9: Lifting the Price of a Property

Model: 4-Person
Track: 128' at 45 °
Year: 2004

Before this lift was installed, the only access to the bottom was a slab rock staircase that had become hazardous because of shifting. The property was for sale and the builder realized that a lift would help him find a buyer. It did.

The hill under the track was a slope of loose rock with construction debris littering the area and water seeping out in places. We anchored the track with 12-inch diameter concrete footings top and bottom then set legs at 20-foot intervals. The legs are lagged directly into the bedrock or welded to steel plates and stakes driven into the ground. Because the track distributes the load on each leg, it helps stabilize the slope. The track has remained perfectly straight.

The lower end station is in an open field just above lake level. It will be easy to add a wooden deck to match.