Lift 78: A 2-Person, Hugs the ground, Handy and Hidden.

Model: 2-Person (500-pound capacity).
Track: 80' at 30°
Year: 2017

The owners of this property had a rickety old lift that fell off the tracks so they very wisely decommissioned it. Then they had us remove it and build this lift so they can keep using the cottage indefinitely.


We had to squeeze the lift into tight quarters, both at the top end and all the way down the track as it's so close to the ground. We took out the old concrete footings and even had to trim some stumps down to make it fit.


Looking down the track from the top end before the upper station platform was built. This shows how close to the ground we had to go and how close we came to the tree near the bottom. The left side of the track has even less ground clearance.


We had to keep the track and car as to the hill as we could to allow access to the shed and the are behind the shed. The shed door is accessible even with the car in the lower station but the PARK button makes it easy to get the car completely out of the way but still be handy.


From left to right, Wyatt, Cody, and Lou are installing the winch system and wiring in the upper station button box underneath a 10x10 awning. With short build seasons we need to make use of rainy days when we can.

The owners loved it

"we want to say how pleased we are with our new inclined elevator. It blends very nicely into our natural forest and it is hardly visible from the lake. You listened to our concerns. Thank you! It's a perfect size for our needs and it will certainly allow us and our guests to use the waterfront and the dock for years to come."