Lift 77: 90', 30° Large and small track hybrid, Upper Platform to Cottage to follow.

Model: 4-Person (750-pound capacity).
Track: 90' at 30°
Year: 2017

The new owners of this cottage, working with Bill Connolly Contracting, were making extensive renovations so they could get from the cottage to the garage, side yard, front yard and water. We worked with Bill and the owners to design an upper access platform that connects the side entrance to the cottage with a ramp leading to the garage, a set of stairs leading to the side yard where there's a fantastic play structure, another set of stairs to the lake side yard, and the lift.


Right now the lift leads to nowhere, but when Bill Connolly Carpentry builds the access platform and stairs it will be one part of a hub that fans out in 4 different directions from the side entrance of the cottage.


Looking down the track. The upper access platform and a set of stairs will be built between the lift and the cottage. We built the lift to integrate seamlessly into the design.


Cruising through the forest. We needed the lighter “small” track to get close to the ground to land at the dock.


The track stops just shy of the boathouse deck and the car floats just over the deck. The PARK button moves the car about 10 feet up the track so the car is hidden but handy.