Lift 70: 125', 28°, 3-stations, non-cantilevered car

Model: 4-Person 3-Station (750-pound capacity).
Track: 125' at 28°
Year: 2016

These owners needed a 3-Station lift to make their cottage practical again.

These cottage owners really needed this lift to utilize the whole cottage and the water, without the lift they were considering selling.

To make the lift fit without cutting into the retaining wall at the end of the driveway and patio we mounted the car over and actually ahead of the dolly. Because the owners needed to rebuild the dock anyway their contractor, Dan Marymissen, Artisan Construction, removed enough of the old dock to make room for the car to stop at the correct lower station height.

All these photos are taken before the decks, railings, and gates were built for all 3 stations.