Lift 66: 39', 27°, Wheelchair lift, close to ground

Model: 1-Person Wheelchair ready (500-pound capacity).
Track: 39’ @ 27°
Year: 2015

This lift was installed so one of the owners, who'd suddenly become paraplegic, could get from her cottage to her dock and back again by herself. Before the lift she had to wait for someone strong enough to move her and her wheelchair down and up the hill.. Now she can go swimming and kayaking with her daughters and neighbors without the need for muscle.

We designed the car specifically for wheelchair use, though it`s also safe to ride the lift while standing.

The lift utilized a completely unused part of the yard and we worked out the layout of the track and stations with the owner. It turned out really great, the "L" shaped upper access platform and the top end of the lift wrap around the tree without crowding it. At the lower end a simple deck connects the lift with the existing dock. The owner did a beautiful job building the access platforms after we had the track set.