Lift 60: 70', 30°, On a rock grade.

Model: 4-Person (750-pound capacity)
Track: 70' at 30°
Year: 2014

This recently purchased lakeside property had no waterfront access so the owners couldn't enjoy boating from their home. While the slope to the water is only about 30 degrees, the surface was smooth rock. We spent a fair amount of time at the start getting the lift parallel to the house so it would be easier on the eye.


The lift fits beautifully into the side yard landscaping and allows for easy access from either the house or the yard.


Looking down the track to the dock and the boat. Getting to the boat and the water is the purpose of the lift.


From this angle the track is all but invisible.

The lower sun deck has the lift station on one side and the dock on the other.

After we'd completed the lift first the owners had Docks and Decks integrate the lift into the side yard and the dock area beautifully. Before we set the track we asked them to set the best stopping height for the lower station; the water level fluctuates seasonally and winter ice can pile up thanks to a prevailing on-shore wind.

Even though there was an ideal place to run the lift directly from the deck, the owners chose to have the car stop level with the flat side yard a few steps below the first floor level, allowing the lift could be accessed from both the yard and the house.

All photos are courtesy of the lift owners.