Lift 58: The Chariot, a Spectacular ride from a high deck, over the walking path, to the dock.

Model: 4-Person (750-pound capacity)
Track: 70' at 40°
Year: 2014

We love our elevator. We call it the chariot. Every year we and our friends and our families get older. It makes a huge difference to every ones ability to enjoy the dock. It’s all about the ability to enjoy the little things like having a beer or a snack when at the dock without having to run up and down the stairs. Having had the chariot we can’t now imagine our summers without it.
— Farley and Miriam Moss

These owners didn't know about inclined lifts until we met at the 2014 Spring Cottage Life Show. They explained that access to the water had become impossible for some family members. Their lift now allows everyone to be at the lakefront together.

The top station is about 15 feet off the ground, preserving an existing foot path that runs under the track. (It’s fun walking under the track or riding in the car over the footpath.) We built a simple picket-fence-type rail at the top with a matching interlocked sliding gate. The car, winch housing, and panel cover were stained to match the cottage. This lift also has a “Park” button that moves the car off the dock when not in use.


We build an optional winter cover that sheds snow and keeps the car clean and sheltered. It even has a removable flap that fits inside the sliding gate and protects the interior of the car. The lightweight aluminum frame allows one person to put it on and take it off. The cover is held tight to the car with a single cord that anchors through a gap between the floorboards and cinches down with a single pull.