Lift 56: From the Boathouse to the Cottage

Model: 4-Person (750-pound capacity)
Track: 92' at 23°
Year: 2014

This family has three cottages on their water-access-only property and their lift has made a big difference to their cottage living.

At the top station, the three cottages have separate but direct routes to the lift. We set the end of the track so the car stops level with the deck and doesn’t interfere with a foot path. A catwalk was added to the deck to connect the lift to the cottages. The interlocking gate is spring-closing and self-latching. 

The lower end of the track is behind a boathouse, quite hidden from the water yet convenient for loading and unloading. It is positioned with room enough for a ramp and platform to be added if wheelchair access is ever required. 

Both the upper and lower stations are equipped with a “Park” button programmed to move the car out of the way when it’s inactive. This keeps the car hidden from view and provides easy access to the undercarriage for annual lubrication. An activation code that must be entered to use the lift provides an added measure of security intended to discourage curious boaters.