Lift 52: A Stoney Lake Lift That Made Island Life Easier

Model: 1-Person (500-pound capacity)
Track: 72' at 32°
Year: 2013

This was our first lift in the Stoney and Kawartha Lakes where cottages are often built high off the water. This island cottage was becoming increasingly difficult for the owners to manage. They realized that to stay indefinitely they'd need a lift and that it was better to build sooner than later.

Despite being relatively short, this lift is close to the ground and tucked into a small footprint, so it posed a number of design and construction challenges. 

The owners wanted a 500-pound capacity and a four-foot cargo platform for the occasional couch, stove, or refrigerator. To maximize the utility of the car, the right side has removable slats that pull up and out so it can be easily loaded from either side. If more space is required, the whole front of the car is also removable.

Because the lowest section of track rests on the dock, we hinged it to pivot up in the winter to prevent frost damage. In the spring, the owners lower it down, install three machine screws on each side, tighten a fourth, and they're ready to go.

The first job for the new lift was carrying all the supplies needed to build the new upper station platform and rebuild an old front porch. It now hauls all the household supplies for an active family and their visitors.