Lift 51: A Lake Erie Lift That Opened the Beach To the Whole Family

Model: 4-Person (750-pound capacity)
Track: 100' at 36°
Year: 2013

This was our first lift on Lake Erie and one of our few on such a steep, fragile slope. Fortunately, the static and dynamic loads from the lift are small and our track and trestle design actually increases the stability of the slope. 

To avoid disturbing the hillside vegetation, we laid ladders on the slope and used them for climbing and working. 

The beach platform on the lower end was fixed. We devised a simple solution at the top end that required minimal construction.

With the lift installed, three generations of this family have ready access to the beach.

The owner said: 

“Absolutely the best investment I made after I bought my beach home. My parents are elderly and would not have been able to navigate the stairs to the beach. With this lift that John and his incredible crew installed for us, we can all enjoy the sun, sand, and surf. Thanks again.”