Lift 50: A Two-Pitch Lift that Keeps this Island Cottage Useable

Model: 4-Person/2-Pitch (750-pound capacity)
Track: 100'with half at 14° and half at 37°
Year: 2013

“I no longer worry about how many trips up and down the hill my guests and I will need to make. It’s wonderful.”

This water-access-only cottage is high off the water and had become an increasing challenge for the owners. The crib dock was also far away from the cottage and in need of repair. 

We couldn't find a good single-pitch route to that dock but there was an excellent two-pitch run to a small cove that was ideal for a new dock. The owner oped for this route. 

With Greg Robinson of GR Construction, we laid out the lines for the lift and dock in late 2012. His crew finished the dock during the winter and we built the lift in the spring.

There was another interesting challenge: the track had to run over top of an island walkway. To ensure it didn’t interfere with the regular trail walkers, we flattened the track pitch of the top section (to 14°) and steepened the pitch of the lower section (to 37°). The underside of the track is about eight feet over the path, well out of the way.

The new dock and lift will enable the owners and their guests to enjoy this island cottage for years to come.