Lift 50: A Two-Pitch Lift that Keeps this Island Cottage Useable

Model: 4-Person/2-Pitch (750-pound capacity)
Track: 100'with half at 14° and half at 37°
Year: 2013

This water-access-only cottage is high off the water and had become an increasing challenge for the owners and their guests. The crib dock was also far away from the cottage and badly in need of repair. 

There was no good single-pitch route to the old dock or anywhere along the waterfront but there was an excellent two-pitch run to a small cove that was ideal for a new dock. 

The very simple upper station sits off to the side in a corner of the cottage's front garden, inconspicuous but easy to access.

Two views of the curved section of track. In the picture below we see the motor house cover hanging off the track.

We built the track from the top down to meet the new dock. The track is almost invisible from the water, unless you are close enough it just looks like a 5' wide gap in the trees at the waterline.

We laid out the track line with Greg Robinson of GR Construction in late 2012, getting to the island by snowmobile. His crew built the dock during the winter and we built the lift to the dock in the spring.

One interesting challenge with this lift: the track had to cross an island walkway that is used regularly by the islanders as a regular walk. To ensure it didn’t interfere with them we made the top section flatter (14°) and the lower section steeper (37°) to keep the track about 8' over the walkway and well out of the way.

The new dock and lift will enable the owners and their guests to enjoy this island cottage for years to come.

The owner loves it: I no longer worry about how many trips up and down the hill my guests and I will need to make. It’s wonderful.”