Lift 49: Two Pitches & Three Stations

Model: 4-Person/2-Pitch/3-Station (750-pound capacity)
Track: 126', half at 20° and half at 35°
Year: 2013

This cottage has no outside stairs from the parking area to the boathouse without going through the kitchen-dining area. That meant a huge loss of privacy whenever things needed to be done in the boathouse. Plus, the cottage is two flights of stairs below the parking area and four stories above the boathouse. Our 3-Station/2-Pitch lift solved both problems.

At the request of the owners, we selected a track line that maximizes utility and minimizes visual intrusion. It runs between two trees near the bottom and close to a studio located near the top. The studio has no windows on one side so the lift can’t be seen from inside. It also helps hide the lift from the cottage. At the bottom, the owners asked that the lift be tucked back rather than coming all the way to the dock, even though a few stairs would be necessary. (Given periodic flooding, that was a doubly smart decision.) 

Perfection Muskoka did a nice job of rebuilding, extending, and widening a walkway so it became the middle station access platform. They also built the three platforms, handrails, and gates.

Each station gate is self-closing, self-locking, and interlocked with the lift. The interlocks eliminate potential fall hazards and loading/unloading hazards that might occur because people at the top can neither see nor be seen by people at the bottom.