Lift 48: Overcoming Extremely Challenging Terrain

Model: 4-Person (750-pound capacity)
Track: 160' at 32°
Year: 2012

There was no way for owners to use this property conveniently without a lift. Lovegrove Construction invited us to design a solution. There was only one spot on the top ridge that had a clear view of the lake reaching the shore so that's where the lift needed to go. Between the design and construction phase they built a large portion of the dock.

006 (5).JPG

The owner's wanted us to locate the top station a flight of stairs down from the top of the cliff. We designed and built it with the future in mind, it can be converted to a three-station lift to access the top level of the boathouse when that gets built and it can be converted into a two-pitch lift by inserting a curved section and top flat section so it would run all the way from the cottage elevation to the dock.

We built the lift to land inside the perimeter of the dock, then Lovegrove Construction enclosed it. The long term plan is to build a boathouse on the dock.

2103 09 29 006.JPG

The steep terrain required 26-foot legs on the lower part of the lift, the highest we’ve built. At two places, the lift is entirely over the water with the legs securely pinned to exposed lake rocks in the lake. (Our track-mounted installation hoist makes challenging lifts like these possible.)

Even though this is one of our most visible lifts, when I went out in the boat to take picutres I could not see it until I was with a few hundred meters even though staircases on either side were visible from the other side of the lake.

Even before the lift was finished it was being used to carry men and materials to finish the dock. Later on, it will be used to help build the boathouse.

With the lift,
all the disadvantages of living high off the water
become the advantages of living high off the water.