Lift 46: A Four-Person Lift That Traverses the Hillside

Model: 4-Person (750-pound capacity)
Track: 95' at 33°
Year: 2012

This lift rises about five stories from the upper floor of the boathouse to a new patio behind the cottage and has given new life to the boathouse deck, for the first time since they owned the cottage this couple is able to dine there.

Because it traverses a steep hill, the right-side legs are considerably longer than those on the left side. The bottom access gate is built into a catwalk that connects the existing staircase to the upper floor of the boathouse. At the top end, the lift is conveniently tucked into an unused part of the side garden yet close to the cottage. Both access gates are interlocked with the lift for safety.

The access platforms were built by John Fiorini & Sons of Rosseau.