Lift 44: This Lift Made a Cottage Purchase Viable

Model: 4-Person (750-pound capacity)
Track: 80' at 55°
Year: 2012

This spectacular lift rises about five-and-half stories from the boathouse to the cottage yard — an awesome alternative to climbing 89 steps. 

Designing and building this lift was a challenge. In addition to dealing with extra-steep terrain, we had to find the track line that would leave the most space at the bottom and offer the most convenience with the simplest design at the top. 

We built most of the track secured in safety harnesses, using special bolt-on wheels to lower each new section of track down the hill to the end of the completed track. The landing was designed not to block traffic between the locker and the shore. A hinged, self-closing, self-locking car door keeps the walkway open.

What the owners said:

“We were looking for a cottage for many years. We were taking our time to find the perfect place. When we first saw ‘our’ cottage, we felt it was just what we were looking for, but access to the water via 89 steps was a concern. That’s where you came in. The inclinator you installed has made our cottage perfect. You and your crew did an absolutely fantastic job, locating and installing the inclinator. The inclinator, and your work, is truly spectacular.”