Lifts 42 and 43: A Two-Lift System: Another First

Model: A 2-Lift 4-Person System with on 2-Pitch Lift (each with 750-pound capacity)
Track: 220' at 24°, 270' with ~200' at 18°and the rest at 32°
Year: 2012

The owners of these two lifts needed them to give them access to their boathouse, without the lifts they had to load up their car and take a fairly scary 20 minute round about car ride each way.

This was our first two-lift system. The upper lift was a long (220') but straightforward lift taht ends at the transfer station. The lower lift is our longest to date and was our second two-Pitch lift. It crosses a private road with sufficient height that a five-ton truck can drive beneath it. The track then changes pitch to arrive at the boathouse dock. 

We built from the top down, track-mounting two installation hoists, one on each lift, to carry each new pieces of track. To build the lower lift, we installed a temporary ramp between the lower end of the top lift and the top end of the lower lift to slide down new sections of track.

The two lifts fit smoothly together thanks to two “smart” relays that communicate with each other. In addition, a single switch on the upper station decouples the lifts so they can be run independently for service work or for use in the winter when cars are parked on the road. (The owners, familiar with Swiss funiculars, were “over the moon” at the result, impressed with the engineering and design details.)

The ride through the forest is graceful and peaceful, much superior to the old practice of taking a long round-about road trip.