Lift 38: From Deck to Dock Unobtrusively

Model: 4-Person (750-pound capacity)
Track: 110' at 42°
Year: 2011

The owners of this cottage had been looking for years for an elegant way to connect their cottage to their waterfront. They finally decided that one of our lifts running from the left side of the upper deck to the left side of the boathouse dock was the answer. The track fits beautifully into a natural channel running from the cottage deck to the dock and is partially screened from the cottage by the angle and from the water by the boathouse.


This was a challenging lift to build. The top piece of track had to be lifted about 12' off the ground, located exactly, and fixed into position. The steep angle and rock face meant we had to tie ourselves off to build the rest of the track.

Tamarack North, of Port Carling, finished the landscaping, built the foot path around the lower station to, the interlocking upper gate, and integrated both button boxes into the stations.

In addition to carrying the cottage owners, their family and their friends up and down the hill, this lift was also used by contractors working on the boathouse. In the first year alone it did about 1,500 round trips.

The owner said:

“The tram has been the best thing we ever could have done at the cottage… Worth every penny spent.”