Lift 35: A 4-Person Lift Instead of New Stairs

Model: 4-Person
Track: 70 feet at 39 degrees
Year: 2010

The owners had to replace a rotting set of stairs that "S-ed" their way across the front of the yard to connect the cottage and the water, a 65-foot vertical rise and compared new stairs with the lift.

Financially a lift made sense. We built a four-person, PLC-controlled model with soft start and stop and an interlocking top-station gate for not much more than the cost of new stairs. Making the decision even easier, the lift was built faster, will last longer, is more convenient to use, and integrates beautifully with the existing decking.

As a bonus, the removal of the stairs exposed a beautiful rock face that had be hidden under the boards of the stairs.

The upper station nestles beautifully into the upper deck and cannot be seen from the main sitting area.

005 (2).JPG

The ride is spectacular with a helicopter-like descent to one side of the lower patio.


We build an optional winter cover that sheds snow and keeps the car clean and sheltered. It even has a removable flap that fits inside the sliding gate and protects the interior of the car. The lightweight aluminum frame allows one person to put it on and take it off. The cover is held tight to the car with a single cord that anchors through a gap between the floorboards and cinches down with a single pull.