Lift 34: A Lift That Clinched a Cottage Purchase

Model: 4-Person (2-door cantilevered car, 750-pound capacity)
Track: 70' at 45°
Year: 2010

Before this couple bought their retirement cottage they had one make-or-break question: “Can we install an inclined elevator?” When we confirmed it was possible, they purchased the property.

We identified a good run between the main deck and the dock, but everything had to be fitted precisely, accommodating a space with multiple constraints, including an extremely tight fit to land the car at the side of the deck. The car door at the top station fits within the compact span of the main deck. The upper gate is about seven feet off the ground so we interlocked it for safety. At the lower end, the car stops about 10 inches off the dock. And because the track is almost on the ground for all but the upper 15 feet, we installed the motor, winch, and panel at the top end. 

This lift is PLC controlled with a soft start and stop and a heavy-duty 3-horsepower motor.

The owner told us that, “With the lift, our dock is another room at the cottage.”