Lift 33: High & Mighty

Model: 4-Passenger
Track: 190' at 43°
Year: 2010

These owners had no access to the water prior to the lift going in. Now it’s 2-1/2 minutes away. Imagine how that would completely transform the owners’ cottage experience.

We really need to replace this picture, the upper station has long been finished. But this photo sure gives a sense of the scale.

Looking down the track to the lower station.

This lift evolved as we were building it. It started out as a 160-foot run with a vertical rise of 100 feet. On the first day, the owner asked us if we could raise the top end by six feet to allow for back filling the upper station. When we did this, we noticed that another two-foot rise would allow the top end to extend to the next ridge, greatly increasing utility. The owner agreed and all of a sudden we were building a 190-foot track with a 130-foot vertical rise and very long legs. The only lift we ever started in the middle and then built uphill to the top and downhill to the bottom. Adjust and adapt.