Lift 32: “Dramatically Changed Our Lives”

Model: 4-Person (extra-wide car, 1,000-pound capacity)
Track: 260' at 30°
Year: 2010

This is one of our longest lifts at 260 feet with the added challenges of a 150-foot vertical rise and a top station that sits 12 feet off the ground. We found a great line that runs from the cottage deck to about 10 inches over the main dock. Any other path would have required steps at the lower end.

This lift, which is operated by a powerful three-horsepower motor, has a top-station gate interlocked with the lift. Two stations were installed. The owners plan two more (one for an equipment shed, one for a bunkie) so we wired for all four.

Because of the length of the lift, we used our special track-mounted crane (“Trackasaurus Rex”) developed in 2004. After the first 60 feet of track were installed at the top, we mounted the motor, winch, control panel, and T-Rex, which was controlled by a remote using a special program in the PLC. The Rex carried new sections of track to the braces as we built down the hill.

The owners, both real estate agents, were delighted:

“Without reservation we can say this elevator has dramatically changed our lives at the cottage... We can now be on the dock at the push of a button [rather than use] 260 feet of slippery stairs.

“As real estate agents, we can say this is the best money we have spent so far on the cottage. The value of the property went up significantly… It has been an excellent investment (much better than the stock market).

“Your crew did a magnificent and very professional job on the installation... It was like they were installing their own elevator.

“Our professional advice to anyone who is dithering: get the elevator. Finance it over 25 years with small payments if you have to, but get the elevator.”

Just recently Alan wrote to say

"............going on 9 years now and the elevator has been running like a problems whatsoever......very reliable."

and again, on our Facebook page, Alan wrote

“I can say without reservation that the elevator we put in at our cottage 9 years ago was the best money we have ever spent....and to date it has been 100% reliable and there has not been one single problem.”

We build all our lifts to solve problems and make cottage lives better.