Lift 31: Enjoying the Waterfront More

Model: 2-Person Combo
Track: 70' at 26°
Year: 2010

This PLC-controlled lift had to be precision-set to save two trees and narrowly pass the corner of a porch at the lower end. We mounted the motor at the top because the lift hugs the ground most of the way.

The owners offered high praise:

“I just love it! I have spent more time at the water this year because of the lift than in the past ten years. Whenever I went down all the stairs before I always made sure I was going for several hours because I did not like climbing up and down the stairs. Now with the lift I am able to go back and forth so easily I can go to the water for just a short time if I want. I never went to the water on overcast days because it took me so long to get up the stairs if it started to rain. Now with the lift I know I can be back to the cottage in less than two minutes. Thank you so much for the lift. It has made such a difference in my enjoyment of the cottage and the waterfront."