Lift 29: A Laser-Levelled Installation With Only Inches to Spare

Model: 4-Person
Track: 75' at 31°
Year: 2009

This was a tricky lift to install. The top end was about 12 feet off the ground and had to be positioned so the car floor would be even with the cottage deck, which was about 10 feet away from the track and would only be extended after the installation. We also had very little left-to-right space to position the track. There were rocks on one side near the bottom and trees on the other side halfway down with less than a foot of clearance.

The first section was positioned accurately with a laser level and a string line. We used a single wood screw on the deck as our target to position the rest of the track. 

Before installing the last section of track, we trimmed the deck and added an extra 10 feet of surplus track just to mount the dolly and car, then removed it. At the bottom, the lift terminates at the lower deck because the water height fluctuates by over five feet.

Once the lift was complete, the owners rebuilt the lower deck and extended the cottage deck to meet the lift. It all fit together perfectly. The track was accurately located midway between the rocks and trees.

In 2011, installers of a new septic system used the lift to haul about 500 loads of sand up the hill. The owners requested that we check the lift after all that work. It was still working perfectly.