Lift 28: A Workhorse Lift To Help Build a Cottage

Model: 4-Passenger/Cargo (2,000-pound capacity)
Track: 80' at 38°
Year: 2011

We needed a minor variance to build this lift before the cottage was built, so it could act as a workhorse, ferrying supplies to the building site. This is a smart strategy that for some reason isn’t used very often. 

The lift is built so a bundle of 16-foot lumber fits on it horizontally and 4 x 8 sheets can be stacked on the uphill wall. The string three-horsepower motor provides plenty of power at 50 feet per minute.

The lift is PLC-controlled with a soft stop and start drive. It has both slack cable and overspeed braking systems with multiple redundancies for extra measures of safety. When construction is complete, the car can be replaced with our standard 4-person car.