Lift 27: This Heavy-Duty Lift Replaces 100 Steps

Model: Cargo/Passenger (1,000-pound capacity)
Track: 160' at 30°
Year: 2009

From the owner:
“Access to our cottage on Lake Huron is down a hill of almost 100 cedar steps. Everything that we bring to the cottage or take away has to be lugged up and down the hill. My husband I had always thought we would wait until our senior years to put in a lift but the fact was that it made more sense to do it now and use it for the next 30-plus years. The decision was clinched when we decided to renovate our cottage. We asked John if he could build us a lift that was a work horse. John was more than willing to meet our needs and our trolley has been a godsend for our renovation project. We have carried all of the new lumber, steel roofing, decking, doors, windows, etc. down on the lift. We have taken up the hill all of the old steel roofing, shingles, bricks, tree brush, etc. Our builder loves the lift because he can bring whatever heavy tools he needs up and down the lift. It has done exactly what we wanted it too.

“In addition to its job as a work horse, it has come in very handy for carrying groceries, laundry, plants and many other things that move back and forth to a cottage. Although its primary job is to haul freight, we have had friends visit us who would not have been able to climb the hill. They are now able to come because they can use the lift. We are glad that we made the decision to put in the trolley and look forward to many years of climbing the hill but carrying less.”