Lift 23: A Panoramic Ride to the Lake

Model: 4-Person
Track: 110' at 43°
Year: 2008

This dramatic lift, which rises about seven stories from dock to cottage, replaced a rickety set of stairs. The upper station is about 15 feet off the ground. The track was set so that the car arrives perfectly positioned between two railing posts. The upper gate is interlocked so it won’t open unless the car is in the station. The car won’t move unless the gate is closed.

Before the lift was installed, it was easier to drive from the city to the cottage than get from the cottage to the lake. Now the lake is a delightful two-minute panoramic ride away. It's easy to enjoy a lakeside breakfast coffee, a noon-day swim, an evening glass of wine on the dock, or a late-night fire by the water.

The owners said: 

“We feel the installation process was as professional as it could be. In fact, more professional than we believed possible. Your attention to detail was outstanding and our property was treated with great respect. You and your crew run a very professional operation. You far exceeded our expectations.”