Lift 22: A 4-Station Lift, from Parking to Cottage to Cottage to Dock

Model: 4-Person 4-Station Lift
Track: 210' at 25°
Year: 2008

These owners had given up on getting to the water and had us design and quote on building the lift more out of curiosity than anything. But they were pleasantly surprised at the price we quoted and decided to go ahead with the build.

This is our first 4-station lift. It started as a 3-station lift — the parking area, the main floor of the cottage, and the dock — but during construction it became obvious that another station to the main sun deck of the cottage was a good idea. (The vertical rise from the dock to the parking area is about 10 stories.) Each station has a five-button control panel so you can go from any level to any other level. The remote allows you to change your mind in mid-track. A 2-hp variable-speed motor starts and stops the car smoothly.

A view of the 2 cottage stations and the parking area station.

A long cat-walk was required to connect the lower deck of the cottage to the lift.

The footprint of the lift on the ground is only 10 square feet. An equivalent staircase would have covered more than 800 square feet of  forest floor. Despite the length of the lift (210 feet) only one tree was removed during construction.

Should the owners decide later to add interlocked gates or courtesy lights at any station, the wiring and the gate control systems are in place.