Lift 19: A Cargo Lift That Helps Clear the Beach

Model: Light Cargo Only
Track: 40' at 40°
Year: 2008

These cottagers have a sandy beach that was always cluttered with weeds and debris which the prevailing wind regularly deposited. Keeping it clean was a full-time weekend chore; the wet weeds and debris had to be hauled up  stairs, then placed in a lawn trailer, and then moved to a compost heap.

The lift we devised has a wheelbarrow-type bucket that tips automatically: the UP button sends the car up the track where it stops 5' short of the top, holding the UP button in for a few seconds then sends the car to the top and also tips the contents into the waiting garden trailer. A single click of the DOWN button sends it back to the bottom.

When we built the lift the owners opted not to have button boxes for greater safety but we later retrofitted a single hard-wired button box at the top station. The lift is turned on using a code entered with the UP, DOWN, and STOP buttons. It can be turned off manually or it will turn itself off automatically after 15 minutes of inactivity. 

It is powered by a low-cost 110-volt hoist and lift plugs into a standard 110-volt protected outlet.

It took about six weeks from the initial site visit to the first load. 

The best part: their children are enjoying the beach and their parents are enjoying not spending their weekends collecting and hauling dead weeds up the hill.