Lift 18: A Cargo Lift With a Discrete Profile

Model: Cargo-Only Island Lift
Track: 60' at 40°
Year: 2008


The cottage station. The track is set so that the floor of the car is at waist height (rather than at deck height) when the car is in the station.


Looking down the track. On cargo only lifts we use "light track" and put legs every 20' instead of every 10'.

The dock station.

The dock station.

The owners of this new island cottage needed a way to get luggage and supplies from the lake to the house. This lift carries up to 400 pounds directly from the dock to a porch that's run directly off the kitchen.

We designed the lift for minimum visual impact from both the house and the water. The track is narrower than our normal light track, so it did not go in front of their picture windows. The track was set to utilize the already constructed deck and access gate.