Lift 11: A Combo-Car for People & Cargo

Model: 1-Person Combo Car
Track: 40' at 20 °
Year: 2007

These owners wanted to move supplies from a parking lot to their kitchen for large and frequent family gatherings. They also wanted the lift to carry people, planning for the likelihood that one day the stairs would be a challenge.

To meet their needs, we designed and built this one-person “combo-car.” The cargo area, which covers the dolly, is at an ideal loading height. We designed and built the stairs so that the upper and lower platforms run the full length of the car for easy safe loading and unloading.

The owners, who are developer / builders,  had a supply of Trex “wood” so we delivered the car without the usual wood sides and left the finishing to them. 

They said this:

“Inclined Elevation is to be recommended for their thorough workmanship, excellent communication, and after-market service. We are more than pleased with the end result. We would recommend John Weinstein of Inclined Elevation anytime.”