Lift 10: Wrought Iron Luxury with Self-Locking Car Doors and Automatic Station Gates

Model: 4-Person
Track: 110' at 26°
Year: 2006

We built this for the Muskoka Building Company on a cottage construction site after their original contractor was unable to begin the installation. We used the track and car that had already been purchased but upgraded the rest of the installation with our own track/leg structure, drive, suspension, control, and emergency braking systems.

With the improved drive system we were able to make the track steeper. This created less intrusion at the upper level, offered a better view of the lake, and enabled us to install the lower station on the boathouse deck rather than landing above it (as in the the original design).

This lift was the first to have three proprietary features exclusive to Inclined Elevation:

  • "Top End" suspension. The suspension cable attaches to the Top End of the dolly, stabilizing the ride. Typical designs in the industry had the suspension cable attached to the lower end of the dolly, which is unstable, like pushing a pencil uphill. If the suspension cable goes slack for any reason, the lift motor stops and, with less an inch of travel in the cable, the brake dogs are set into the track and the car stops. The cable is undamaged and can be used to return passengers to the top. The brake can be easily reset by the riders.
  • Self-locking/self-closing car doors. The locking mechanism  automatically engages as the car leaves one station and opens when it arrives at the other, adding further safety.
  • Automatic rotating access gates at both stations. These are seamlessly integrated into the lift, closing automatically as the car leaves a station then opening when it arrives. When the car is not in the station the gates are securely locked.

When the contract was completed, Dave Heslip of Muskoka Building Company wrote this testimonial: 

“Inclined Elevation delivered exactly what they promised — a perfectly positioned, neat, clean, robust track that exudes strength, safety features that set the mind at ease, and a smooth ride that inspires complete confidence.”